Oct 4, 2011

Z99 Commercial Contest

What would you do if you were challenged to make a commercial for a local radio station?  My friend Tyler Cyrenne heard about Z99's commercial video contest (open to all residents of Saskatchewan) and went to work to create his entry, Life Would Be Weird.  He's now made the semi-finals and could really use your votes to help him get some attention.

No sign up or log in is required, simply click HERE to watch his video and give him 5 stars.  The finalists will be determined based on the votes they receive and reviews by a panel of judges.  I'll be sure to keep you posted on the results as the Z99 contest continues.  Thanks in advance for all of your help!


Angry Charlie said...

Thanks a bunch, Luke! I really appreciate the help with this! Hopefully I can win and then take you a dream vacation!!!! (to Original Joe's). :-D Yay for friendship!

Editing Luke said...

I've already mailed the bill to you :)