Oct 5, 2011

Around Town Photography

I shot the following images over the last few weeks and finally got around to sorting through some of them.  More than I have in the past, I feel like I've started to make a habit of snapping up random scenes when the weather suited it or if I knew I'd be in a different part of town. These passing glimpses not only give me new inspiration when it comes to my photography, but they also make me look at where I'm living in a new light. This little city in the prairies only seems to get more interesting.   


Alex Chandler said...

That's quite the assortment of photos you have taken there :P
I have always enjoyed those parts of rural towns, the interesting looks of everything that is there. Nice collection of photos Luke, I admire the style used in taking these, they are definitely unique.


Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Alex. Medicine Hat is an interesting place and there are definetly different styles depending on what part of the city you're in. The downtown especially has a unique mix of small town ambience and artsy revival. It's not bad for a place of only 60,000 or so people.

Stella said...

You are quite the photographer! Love your stuff!

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, I appreciate that Stella!