Oct 14, 2011

Mending a Glass Half Full

A few things seem like they're finally starting to pan out.  I've got my car back from the shop, work has been good, and I'm getting away for a bit this weekend.  There's a lot going on still, but it's the good kind of busy that makes you feel like you're actually accomplishing things.

I've been editing a lot lately, but it's also a lot of stuff that I want to work on.  I'm doing a reel for Stream Media's new website, a teaser for the launch of Weddingstar's 2012 magazine, and I've been toying with ideas for my new Salvation Mountain project that I announced earlier this week.  I think I'm feeling more productive and generally more positive now that I'm finding new things to work towards.

To say it's been a strange and stressful year doesn't quite cover it, but everything has also been moving so quickly that I feel like I'm entering another chapter of 2011 now.  I was sitting at my computer last night listening to music and reviewing footage and it hit me - my life could be so much worse than it actually is and here I've been stressing myself out about things that I can't really control.  

I guess we can't help but do that sometimes, and when things are already bad it's often easier to blame someone else because of it.  I've been challenged to confront my own limitations this year.  How much can I really work?  What's actually important to me? Where do I want to go from here? I haven't come up with easy answers for any of these, but I at least feel like I'm paddling my own boat more than letting the current push it around.  That's a start.

I'm really just trying to say that things are getting better.  The positives have not been as abundantly obvious as they've been in the past, but it doesn't mean that they're not there either.  This has been a rebuilding year, but you know what?  I'm cool with that.

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