May 17, 2011

Weekend Photography

Over the weekend it became apparent that the final signs of winter had finally retreated.  It was also one of the first weekends that I'd had in a long time where I had no editing to do, no work to think about, and no excuses to keep me from my own distractions.

I actually used my free time to play with my Jaguar.  I gave her a thorough spring cleaning and finally used the custom kit that I'd ordered a few months ago to restore her leather seats.  This turned out to be the perfect project as it meant a full Saturday afternoon in the sun. Soon after I finished up I grabbed my camera and went for a walk around the neighbourhood.  

The leaves were finally starting to show, the grass was changing, and shades of green were popping up everywhere - this shift literally just started happening over the last week.  After what felt like an inexplicably cruel winter I, like everyone else, seemed keen to get outside.  I even spotted a deer walking on the sidewalk across the street from me right downtown.  Here's some of my photography from the weekend.

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