May 12, 2011

Listen Up, Jeeves!

In less than a months time my new site, Jeeves and the Jaguar is set to debut! I've already began post dating a bunch of entries to prepare.  In case you missed my initial announcement, this new site will focus on my enthusiasm for my Jaguar XJ8 and Jaguar pop culture in general.  

June 10 also isn't just a random date, it marks the one year anniversary since buying my British saloon - "the finest motor car in the world" as Will Ferrell said in the Do You Like Luxury SNL sketch.  Just like Editing Luke, Jeeves and the Jaguar is set to have an eclectic mix of content bridging the gap between practical advice that I've picked up and entertaining stories surrounding my mixed experiences.  It's looking good so far, so stay tuned for the exciting introduction in a few weeks time! 


Angry Charlie said...

As you once told me, now that you have two blogs I expect great things. Although I look forward to seeing how well your second blog does - since it's been a while since you started a new blog. Especially one that's the first to step outside of your usual focus a little. Good job either way - it's not easy starting something from scratch. Don't forget to include my Lumina on your site - you know, if you like luxury.

Editing Luke said...

I think I'm excited about it largely because it will be different from my usual focus on Editing Luke. I've wanted to include bits and pieces about my car here but it seems out of theme to focus on it too much - this will give me the chance. Plus, I'm reaching out to an audience that I'm not with Editing Luke which could end up helping both sites in the long run. I think it should be fun.