May 23, 2011

Prairie Snapshots

This random collection of prairie snapshots comes from a lot of driving between Alberta and Saskatchewan during my time in film school.  It wasn't uncommon for me to make the trek back and forth for long weekends or holidays, and in that case a lot of these images really are snapshots as they were captured from the window of my Buick on the highway. 

What I love about the prairies is the sense of space.  In a lot of these images it's clear that the focal point has to be the sky because there's almost nothing else to look at.  On those late summer and early fall drives the landscape was often at its best.  Golden fields, high contrasting light on the horizon, and expressive clouds really brought the countryside to life.  Even in its repetitiveness, I feel like I'm always finding new things that really make the Canadian prairies unique.


Shona said...

Wow, these are amazing photos! nice!

Angry Charlie said...

There are some definite nice ones here of my homeland, so kudos to your wonderful skills.

Now, if I was to have to point out my favorite, I'd have to say it's the one of the legislative building - as it's EASILY the most original of the bunch. :-)

You know I had to say that, Luke. Haha.

Editing Luke said...

There's no doubt the legislative building is a popular subject, but this isn't the same picture that I always criticized other Reginans for. It's the shot of the legislative building symmetrically framed out by that wooden bridge walkway - THAT'S the picture that every photographer in that city has the exact same version of, haha. Mine has ducks!