May 31, 2011

4 Years of Editing Luke

The act of keeping a blog for four years isn't amazing.  What's amazing is how something so simple, so everyday, could start to represent so much of my own identity and history.  In a flash, one thousand four hundred and sixty days have gone by and what remains of that time are fragments of memories, images, stories, and digital scraps (all on public display) that bring forth a sampling of what it was like to transition out of film school and into the real world.

I can only imagine how the future will change my outlook on what Editing Luke began as and what it continues to evolve into.  Whether it's messages from film students or random visitors sharing my links, I can't begin to express how rewarding this experience has been made because of all of you.  With nearly 800 posts and over 40,000 visitors in the last year alone, I've got to admit that the response is pretty humbling.

Here's to the next chapter, another handful of fresh starts, and the continued realization of some scattered childhood ambitions.  Yeah, that sounds like something worth exploring.  

Refresh your memory on how the style of this site has changed over the years by reviewing my Evolution of Editing Luke posts: PART ONE and PART TWO

Stats after 4 Years:
Blog Posts: 781
Blog Views: 128557
Video Views: 1.16 Million

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