Dec 20, 2010

My First Time on TV (1987)

Being born before the digital revolution meant that every day of my childhood wasn't documented.  We didn't own a video camera, and I think all of the photos that I have from birth to 18 can fit into 3 or 4 albums.  Hence, the history that was recorded and snapped has become seemingly more valuable for its rarity.

This weekend I was transferring the even smaller amount of footage that my mom has of her childhood onto DVD when I came across this brief clip - my first time on TV.  

We were at the Stampede parade, which had been and continued to be a yearly tradition for our family after this was shot.  We always went down really early to claim our spot next to City Hall (and the Chat production booth coincidentally).  It was 1987, I was 3 years old, and with my first few seconds in the spotlight I said a whole three words. "Luke. Cars. Because."

I still get a lot of mileage out of those words to this day.


Angry Charlie said...

Haha. This is an important piece of Fanrich history! It's really cool you have this! And look at you. Just like today, knowing the simplest answer is usually the best.

Editing Luke said...

Indeed! And people wonder why I liked to talk about the Buick and my Jaguar so much, haha.

Angry Charlie said...

I don't wonder why. It's simply because the Buick and the Jaguar are the only two women in your life you've had reliable long term relationships with. :-)

Editing Luke said...

And that's why I continue to be such an upbeat, stress-free guy, haha.