Dec 24, 2010

We Two Kings: One Year Later

There's no question that creating We Two Kings for the holidays last year was a lot of fun.   With the weather delivering a fresh batch of winter scenery right on time and my buddy Tyler down for the weekend, everything went off without a hitch.

What I love about all of the holiday themed shorts I've made over the years is that there's a reason to rewatch and share them every Christmas.  They end up becoming time capsules and remind you of all the other various things you had going on when you decided to make them. 

This year Tyler and I revisited Police Point Park in November to see how the location for We Two Kings looked without snow - it had been almost exactly one year since we had shot the project at that point.  You can see the images HERE.  This last Tuesday the University of Regina also shared We Two Kings on their blog, which was very cool of them!  See the post HERE.   

It's still not entierly out of the question that a follow-up to this project could be on the horizon for next year, but I won't make any promises.  For now, I'm happy to present both the teaser trailer and video for We Two Kings once again!  They were both re-uploaded a few months ago after undergoing some higher quality rendering - they both look great if I do say so myself! As though there haven't been enough Christmas specials - here's another one!

"Merry Christmas Wence-les-as-wen-sess-es-les . . ."


Angry Charlie said...

Best...project...ever. We better get back in front of your camera this year or I'll be forced to put you in a ROBO hobo just to work with you again. And we don't want that, do we?

Editing Luke said...

I have never read a more terrifying threat, haha. I've got some ideas for 2011.