Dec 17, 2010

F My Life - The Book

If you're a regular facebook user or keen on social media in general you've probably heard the term, FML. It's used after somebody writes something self-deprecating about themselves and simply acts as punctuation to their statement - F My Life. You occasionally feel a bit of pity for the person who writes this, but generally you can't help but laugh.

That notion became the popular where people would upload their misfortune, and this soon translated into a book featuring the best of the worst. I found the 'F My Life' book while doing some Christmas shopping this year and have been picking it up daily for a quick laugh. Here are some recent samples from the website:

Today, a man dressed as Santa Claus walked by me, grabbing my butt. He smelled of pipe tobacco and pee. He pulled me close to him and whispered, "I bet you're naughty but you feel so nice." I looked dumbfounded at him as he winked and yelled, "You're on my list." FML

Today, my toddler stood up in the shopping cart and fell giving himself a black eye. Later while at a restaurant he tried to stand up in his highchair. I quickly blurted out "Sit down! Do you want another one of those?" while pointing at his eye. Now the waiter wont stop glaring at me. FML

Today, I got home from work to find an eviction notice taped to my door, stating that I was a nuisance and had 30 days to vacate the property. I live at home with my parents. FML

Today, at the office, everyone in my department swapped secret santa presents. I bought the guy whose name I picked a DVD box-set of his favorite TV series. One of my friends got a fancy make up kit. Another got a pack of posh notebooks. I got a toilet plunger. FML

And I could go on and on, but why not just pick up the book? It's worth it.

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