Jun 23, 2010

Live With Chivalry: Chivas Commercial

This is one of those few commercials that you actually look forward to seeing on TV. It's the combination of music by the Cinematic Orchestra, the cinematography, and the uplifting message that really pulls you in. After seeing this Chivas commercial numerous times over the last year I'm still moved by it. In what's clearly a more sophisticated approach to the staple that has become the liquor ad, seeing this spot just plain makes me proud to be a man.


Anonymous said...

Moved? Really?

It's bunch of glamorized models pretending to be rich & "chivalrous" by carrying pretty girls and living a pretentious, superficial lifestyle. Funny how the commercial talks about others who are "out for themselves" yet the ones in the commercial hardly do anything for others.

Maybe you need to see how real, caring people life their modest life. I'm sure it doesn't involve going to a million dollar bash and spending money on shit.

Editing Luke said...

That's certainly one way of seeing it if 'wealth' is that big of a turn off. To me, the Chivas ad showcases a higher brow approach to taking a step back to enjoy life. This is an alcohol commercial after all, and seeing a couple on their wedding day, people at parties, and guys hanging out are all occasions when you'd be likely to pick up a drink. It's delivered with passion and poetics.

Are there better representations of those 'real caring people' as you put it? Of course, but this is a commercial not a documentary. Showing those simple actions - helping the guy in the stuck car, carrying your bride over the mud, picking up a teammate, etc. are admirable, everyday things that show a certain level of respect and class.

These are the components of a well executed advertisement. And frankly, one that promotes making the most out of life is hardly insulting. It's refreshing.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It might be highbrow but that's OK. For me, it's a reminder of the better qualities we men should aspire such as my word is my bond, and doing the right thing just for the sake of it. Anyway, it's one of the better commercials around.