Jun 7, 2010

Another Fresh Start

It's now been just over 2 years since I came straggling back home, exhausted from a 6 year stint in university to take up residence in my parents basement. Just like I did when I Lost That Student Feeling and said Goodbye Residence I'm now perched on the edge of another fresh start, this time with the resources to take a more abrupt step up.

That post-university daze that became the fodder for numerous blog posts is now almost completely evaporated. With my student loans shrinking, my personal finances healthier than ever, and the details for moving out now finalized, I'd say things have taken a dramatic turn for best - and it's not just because of the sweet loft apartment :)

There's a lot to be said about being able to do things your way. With two media related jobs keeping me busy, it's one thing to finally say that I can support myself and my ambitions, and it's another to say it's because I'm getting paid to do the kind of work I'm passionate about.

Yes, this time around, I'm not making a mad dash to escape the dorms. This time I'm investing my own hard earned savings to give myself the fresh start I really want.
Somehow all of the little challenges from the last couple of years have culminated into this - or at least it seems that way right now. I can't help but feel anxious to see what comes next, this feels pretty incredible!

July 1st is going to be the start of a new chapter - here was the preview for the one previous.


Angry Charlie said...

Well, I've said it beofre and I'll say it again - congrats on what is sure to be a sweet pad. I'm looking forward to seeing it in it's completion, and more importantly where things go for you from here. It seems every year that passes brings upon new change for most people our age, and this is certainly no exception to where you were last year, and more poignantly the year before! Congrats again, good sir!

Now where's that script for Buick 5 and the contract I will be signing to agree to be in parts 6-10?

Editing Luke said...

Thanks Tyler! I'm excited for you to come for a visit sometime this summer hopefully. I keep thinking about what a big change it's really going to be. I had been sitting on my saving with the idea of Vancouver on my mind as recently as January - with that idea on hold now it seems there's so much more I can do in little old Medicine Hat.

No more Buick shorts sadly, but I'm excited to make a new short later this summer with you hopefully playing a key role!