Jun 3, 2010

Singapore Photo Book

In the same style as my Indio Photo Book and the smaller snapshot books that followed it, I've finally completed my coffee table photo book from my trip to Singapore in April this year. My goal was to create something that felt really stylized, personal, and varied. I was keen to make it feel a bit like a scrap book of the locations we saw.  I think I accomplished what I was after in creating something that doesn't seem amateur, but also doesn't seem so polished or staged that it doesn't seem genuine.

After completing my Singapore edits soon after getting back, I took my time in going through the photos. It actually proved to be a very relaxing way to remember the trip and to try and contextualize the experience.  For as much as we did, I had to remind myself that it wasn't technically a vacation.  What a business trip though!

In any case, this 200 page photo book was one pricey souvenir at over $100 to publish, but I know it's something that I'll look back on for years to come. Luckily, you can preview the entire book for free online by simply clicking the Blurb link below - same goes for all of my previous photo books.

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