Jun 24, 2010

Happy Up Here - Royksopp

A good music video, in my opinion, is more than just shots of a band or artist with quick jump cuts. What I love about the genre in general is how music videos make it acceptable to merge experimental art with mainstream audiences. You can focus on bold textures, colours, patterns, and imagery in ways that contribute to an overall emotion or visual theme - versus a traditional plot arch.

Happy Up Here is eye candy to me. Flashing lights, smooth computer transitions, and dated facades help to create an urban carnival/living arcade game with punchy logos and pop art thrown in for good measure. The depth and hand held ambiance of this chaotic environment creates a powerful framework for an otherwise 'open' musical arrangement. Strong stylistic choices really make the song for me - yet one more example of how a great music video has just as much influence as a great song.

1 comment :

Dann said...

Though I am quite indifferent towards the music the video is so well done that it makes for quite an enjoyable experience.