Apr 28, 2010

Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel

singapore flyer ferris wheel

On a long list of things to see and do while in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer was at the top of my list. It's currently the tallest ferris wheel in the world, and I couldn't think of a better spot to get views of downtown Singapore with such a tight schedule. At 42 stories high, it's a full 30m taller than its most famous Ferris Wheel counterpart, the London Eye.

singapore flyer ferris wheel

I convinced myself before going that one way or another I'd get to see the Flyer in person. Met with a cruel twist of fate on the first evening we headed out, it was closed because of thunderstorms. Luckily we tried again the next day.

On our way back from Sentosa Island, Stephanie and I timed our arrival just right. The sun was setting over downtown and Marina Bay, and by the time we reached the top of the wheel all of the lights had come on and we got a view of the expansive cityscape glowing around us. It was just one more moment of awe in a trip filled with surprises. A trip where I actually did more, not less, than I had expected to.

singapore flyer ferris wheel
singapore flyer ferris wheel


Anonymous said...

How high it was,
up there,
on the other side of the world.
An unforgettable landscape,
the transition of day to night,
captured in a less than an hour ride.

Angry Charlie said...

This is a comment overall for all the Singapore videos you have uploaded. And so far, I have loved every one of them. I think this may be my favorite so far, because normally you get views that are so close to the ground in all your videos (as diverse as those views are) that this captures the magic of what it must have been like the most.

And it made me realize that Singapore is a lot larger than I had pictured. I didn't know it would ever even have a Universal studios let alone a downtown like that.

Well done sir! I hope you haven't shared all of your memories yet (or maybe I'm just used to a 30-part travelogue from you by now, lol).

Editing Luke said...

Thanks for your comments Stephanie and Tyler, and yes there are a couple more edits to come :)