Apr 4, 2010

New Portfolio Pages: A Renovation

Much like in the evolution of this blog, developing my stand-alone portfolio site has provided numerous challenges. Finding a style that seems both engaging and playful, but sophisticated and functional requires a strict focus and willingness to adapt. When looking at a well designed space it seems obvious, but to create one from scratch - without simply copying someone - is a process.

As the novelty of my portfolio site has started to fade somewhat, I've felt obligated to re-evaluate my approach. While the reality is that my portfolio site proabably won't ever be a regular draw for traffic like my blog will, I do want it to seem stylistically paired and able to grow as my body of work continues to. This requires a confidence in my presentation to simply let it be. Creating said presentation is exactly what all these months of work have meant.

My latest update to
editingluke.com has come in the form of streamlining my previous design, and refreshing the portfolio section of the site. You can see the previous designs here, but what I wanted to do was create a more uniform and structured feel - still raw in a way, but less hand made looking. Having used my rooftop image as the basis for branding and design on this blog and portfolio site, I also wanted to incorporate more of that rustic urban theme and feel into this section.

While you'll notice only 3 posters visible on each page, those images scroll just by moving revealing more projects. A small play button also appears when hovering over each poster which links directly to the blog post and/or video for that project.

The original title page to enter the portfolio has also been removed to make navigation more simple and clean. This trend will continue in how my layout evolves. There may still be plenty of pages in the end, but their purpose will be more clearly defined. Less filler is always a plus. That said, here are the new pages.

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