Apr 24, 2010

Singapore: A Bit of Everything Edit

While it seems like there's so much to reflect on I think I'll save most of it for my complete Singapore project post. In the meantime, I wanted to put something together relatively quickly to show everyone just what my Singapore experience was like - the video only making it more difficult to believe this was actually a business trip.

A co-worker and I flew to Singapore via Calgary, Vancouver, and Hong Kong - finally arriving at Changi International after an exhausting 27 traveling hours (including the transfer time in airports). The time difference was 14 hours ahead so it was interesting after finishing my work on the Monday in Singapore to realize that everyone back home hadn't even started their Monday yet.

We were out there because our company is buying a brand new custom laser machine to cut designs for a range of new stationary products for our site, and as the guy responsible for the in-house web media, I was sent to document just how the machine works and what it's going to look like. As far as I'm concerned this was one of the most awesome reasons to ever get into video - paid to travel to the other end of the world, yes please!

We clearly made the most of our down time enjoying (among a few of the highlights I recorded) a trip to Merlion park with the half lion half fish statue (the symbol of Singapore), exploring downtown, taking a river boat cruise around Marina Bay, riding the Singapore Flyer (the largest observation Ferris Wheel in the world), checking out an impressive Hindu temple while walking side streets, eating in Clarke Quay, and traveling out to Sentosa Island and visiting the brand new Universal Studios Singapore. It was the perfect blend of tourist spots and local exploration.

Specific edits of some of these places are still to come, but for now enjoy this snappy highlight reel of one of the most unforgettable, and certainly most foreign trips I've taken to date.


Conscious Life said...

Awesome video editing and great accompanying music. It's refreshing to see how a foreigner sees the country which I've been living for decades. A video shot by a local and one by a non-local can be quite differently, especially the details. Very enjoyable video. Thanks!

Editing Luke said...

Thank you, I've actually always felt the same way about living in Canada. I remember having this discussion in film school about the value of seeing locations through someone else's eyes. You begin to realize how you may have overlooked some of the obvious elements because you see them all the time. It's also easier to get excited about where you live when you see how someone who has never been there before reacts to it :)