Apr 9, 2010

Away to Singapore

Of all the places that I thought I might go someday, Singapore is one that I never really considered. It's small for one thing (in size, not population), on the other side of the world from where I am, and it isn't exactly the stereotypical setting of one of the top places one wishes to cross of their bucket list - there are just a lot of other big cities I've never been to. So, why Singapore?

Because in one of those 'this would never really happen' kind of discussions, I was blindsided on a Monday morning when my boss asked if I'd like to go over to shoot a demo video for a custom machine we're purchasing. As the in-house photographer and videographer I've made quite a name for myself in just the past few months by not just creating original promos and photos for the website I work for, but by actually establishing my department altogether. As eager as they've been to allow me to showcase my skills as an editor/videographer, never did I think that this would give me the opportunity to take an all-expense paid trip to Singapore (specifically to shoot video no less).

I was first given the news in February, but here we are. This post was made on a timer, so even as it goes live I'll actually be flying out already. I still can't believe how much has happened in just a couple months.

Since returning home after university I've been working as a corporate videographer and editor for a local production company. As thing started to slow down with the economy though, I took a new full-time job as a copywriter (with the potential for it to turn into a video job) with a local, and very successful, website retailer. I've been pinching myself a lot these days thinking about how much I was stressed out after uni about even finding a media job - low and behold I've played a part in creating both of the media jobs I've done since being back.

If there's anything that these last two years have taught me, mixed with the fresh excitement and idea of going to Singapore, it's that things really are what you make of them. The action you take today can pay huge dividends in the future if you're determined enough to put yourself in places that you'll get noticed. And sure luck plays a part, but as the cliche goes, it's also the residue of design.

I have to remind myself how lucky I've been in getting myself to the places I want to be. It's a state-of-mind and being comfortable with where I'm at in my life.  It's also a bit ironic in this case though as now it's quite literally taking me to the other side of the world.

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Michael said...

Congratulations! Keep a positive attitude and keep surprising yourself how good you can be.