Oct 19, 2009

Writer Wanted

As of late I've been looking for ways to expand the scope of my blog by trying to find more creative ways to include other artists. This isn't simply a matter of adding names for name sake, but instead is really just a proactive way of creating a more engaged and discerning group of readers and viewers. Editing Luke will always maintain my personal focus and story as the fundamental motivation behind it, but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of other great stories that would compliment my own.

I'm looking for a writer. Someone who's interested in movies, cinema, pop culture, etc. With the popularity of my blog growing each month, with thousands of viewers/readers stopping by, I thought it would be fun to offer a reoccurring movie column to anyone who was interested in writing/creating it. That writer would have creative control over their submission, I would just feature it. I was thinking of a once a month post focused on some aspect of movies - with some consistency in the topic(s) for continued readership. Really I'm open to almost any idea, I'm just interested in providing the forum to for a talented writer who wants an audience.

There are likely to be numerous revisions taking place on this blog to enhance it further before the year is out. Featured writers are just one part of this. Series of posts like Cinematic Acrobatic Presents are further examples of the changes taking place. Anyone who writes for Editing Luke will still get full credit and a featured link to their own blog, email, contact info, or whatever works best for the individual. Your input will be part of creating a more dynamic forum for those interested in independent filmmaking, and you'll also be creating another credit for yourself.

If you're interested or have an idea for a column, contact me by sending me an email (address in the sidebar) or leave a comment. I'll entertain any idea, and whether you have a single post or an idea for a series - the canvas is blank and you can color it however you want.

Do you have an idea for a column?


B said...

I think having a column is a great idea! Good luck in finding the right writer!

Alex Lamburini said...

This is very interesting Luke, especially since I've been writing film reviews for my school paper for about three years now. I'm going to e-mail you tonight with a pitch with my ideas. Just wanted to let you know I'm very interested and I would love to write for you! Look out for my e-mail tonight. Thanks.

- Alex