Oct 24, 2009

Las Vegas: Edits (2008)

Las Vegas was made to be experienced. After my first time being there in 2005, this return trip in November 2008 was all about taking things to the next level. Upgraded room, Cirque show, trip to the Hoover Dam, and a ride on the Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere tower were just a few of the highlights. With so much to see and do I decided to be a lot more selective about what I shot.

The first time around I decided to make a full blown travelog, and have since cut down the footage into select edits which can be seen here. For this 2008 trip I decided that a few quick cuts and montages were sufficient for creating memorable mini home videos. I treated the shooting far more casually this time (largely because I already captured most of the city on the last visit). It's always a lot of fun catching things in the moment.

These few energetic edits are meant to reflect a glimpse, not document the trip verbatim. The Bellagio Fountain remix I cut was an experiment altogether. With scenery and popular attractions that are familiar to a lot of people, I really just wanted to play with this footage to highlight what makes Vegas so exciting in both my own experience and in a stereotypical sense (the bright lights, etc.).

Take a look at these short edits and let me know what you think. They're fun slice of life/slice of vacation compilations. You can bet there will be a lot more of these types of edits to come.

Las Vegas 2008 - Edit 1

Las Vegas 2008 - Edit 2

Las Vegas 2008 - Bellagio Fountain Remix

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