Oct 4, 2009

Viral Video Film School

I recently discovered an amazing web series called, Viral Video Film School. Whether you've heard of it or not, it's certainly worth seeing for the first time or over and over again. If you've got some time to kill, this is a great place to start.

Hosted by Brett Erlich, Viral Video Film School is produced as part of the InfoMania show on current.com. As you may have guessed, VVFS is focused on breaking down popular viral trends across the 'interwebs' (I just love that word). From the worst parents to best animal sex, the series focuses on the real life humour and novelty behind these videos/situations and the people who decide to shoot and post this stuff. With fast paced critique and witty one-liners, Brett is one of the more entertaining vloggers I've seen. The addictive jump cuts and perfectly timed support clips just add to the unassuming polish of the series.

I suppose there's not much else you need to know that it doesn't explain itself. I'm just now beginning to explore the other clips from the web show, and if they're half as good as Viral Video Film School I think I'll continue coming back for more. Check out a few of the segments I've posted below, and for more visit Viral Video Film School here. Enjoy!

Viral Video Film School:
The Internet's Dumbest How-To Videos

Viral Video Film School:
YouTube's Best Birthday Videos

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Angry Charlie said...

Combined with this and Jake and Amir, I have now wasted about 12 hours at work giggling up a storm! Thanks friend! Now I may get fired and have to go work at Subway again!