Oct 11, 2009

Luke Fandrich: Editor Profile

My editor profile is just one of several different video mash-ups that I've made to showcase my different styles, edits, and projects over the last year. With a body of work that is becoming increasingly diverse, both personally and professionally, this is the next logical step in the evolution of some of my edits (not to mention a great way to create variations for different sites). As much as I want to focus on certain skill sets, I like how these previews give more immediate support to my independent status by acting as proof of my ambition, history, and drive. It's also an easy way to reflect my pride in my work. Plus, as an editor, I find it's fun just to piece something fresh together when you find yourself looking over your past projects. Enjoy!


The Red 1's. said...

Hey Luke,

Great style. You're into everything and I like it.
What's the song?



Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Jon. The song is 'We're in a Thunderstorm' by Gentleman Reg.