Jun 16, 2009

The Geology Student on Yobi.tv


I'm going to try my luck again with YobiFilm. Some of you may remember my weekly promoting with The Gizmo Tree through April, but that's old news. I've done some slight updating with my film school short, The Geology Student and uploaded it to their site.

Some may ask, why not make an entirely new short? And the answer is, I am. However, the new projects take time and when I have a bunch of content that most people haven't seen anyway, I feel like I might as well promote it. So here's my plug:

As many of you know, I'm just trying to expand my network and make connections. These video sharing sites are ideal for that. You can help me increase the popularity of my short by casting a single vote for The Geology Student on Yobi.tv. You just need to use your email address, and vote here. Simple as that.

I know it might sound kind of pointless, but if you've enjoyed any elements of my blog you probably have a slight understanding of why I'd even bother with this. You never know who could be watching. Voting only takes a minute and it helps me get a bit of recognition . . . so, please? :)

Thanks for checking it out guys.
See the site and VOTE HERE.

Here's the revised, bad educational film version.

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