Jun 13, 2009

The Trophy

April 2004

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This corny trophy was supposed to be this corny when I received it. It's from my second year in university when my film profs selected my short, Keys to Existence as the best personal project created by a 2nd year production student. It was handed out at the year end screening in April, and while it was far from a grand affair, at that time it was certainly something.

When I was told I won, I got a little certificate and this make-shift trophy. While I'm sure many don't even remember the screening, that early achievement felt huge to me. I've held onto this memento for that very reason. Before I had done any festivals or contests, this little award felt like my first tangible piece of acknowledgment. I've spoken a lot about Keys on this blog and how it helped me promote myself. It is without question that my experience in 2nd year film encouraged me to push myself harder and submit my work to numerous venues.

If this blog is any representation, than I think there's a lot to be said about what I've accomplished and worked towards in the last 5 years since this was given to me. It's enough to make this ridiculous trophy shelf worthy.

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