Jun 20, 2009

Day at the Saskatchewan Science Centre

What a day it was, but this actually happened quite a while ago, back at the beginning of January 2008. My friend Tyler and I decided that a trip to the Saskatchewan Science Centre would be a fun way to spend a freezing winter afternoon in Regina. At the time we were both students at the university, and being the production geek that I still am, I thought it would be nice to film the experience.

Tyler knew a girl who worked at the Science Centre named Daya. I had never met her, but when we first got there Tyler decided to have a go at the climbing wall, and it was Daya who was there to help. The day ended up being miles better because of her. It was like having our own private tour guide, and because it was a sunday afternoon and pretty slow, we got to try out and see everything. I honestly didn't expect there to be all that much to do, but to my surprise it was an incredibly entertaining afternoon.

I made A Day at the Saskatchewan Science Centre originally for the sake of sharing it on Editing Luke and having the homevideo for memory sake. Homevideos are still something I don't shoot enough of, which is a shame, because I think this edit demonstrates just how much can be done with simple footage and a bit of creative energy. I even put this short as a clip on my first video reel when I was applying for my job at Stream Media. Not that it's even that complex, but I think the ability to take an everyday homevideo and make it into something inspired says a lot about an editors potential.

The reason that this video is even on my mind right now though is because of Daya. She sent me a message and let me know that the folks at the Sask. Science Centre had seen it and put it on their blog. Not that it's my big break into editing stardom or anything, but who wouldn't be flattered? They see that place all the time, so naturally it feels good to have them recognize my edit and say how well done they thought it was.

On another note, yesterday was actually Daya's last day at the Science Centre so I want to wish her well on her next set of adventures. I'm sure few things will compare to entertaining a couple of fools with a video camera, but being that it was the first time I met her, it was a great way to make a new friend. So best of luck Daya, and thanks for making my Day at the Saskatchewan Science Centre far more memorable than I ever thought it would be!

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