Jan 12, 2009

Video Playlists

One of the biggest challenges I've faced in maintaining my blog is keeping an order and structure to my posts, both past and present. Some of my edits have been removed or changed, I've changed, and as always, time gives you a different view and context of what some of your projects mean to you. This has resulted in a lot of back tracking.

I've always promoted this site as both a personal blog and portfolio, so there's been a steady mix of homevideo/vacation/everyday edits mixed in with my narrative/comedy/festival work. In my videography I've tried to give a simplified reference to a lot of the projects that I've uploaded and written about here. Just this weekend I was busy with a lot of fixing old links, uploading old videos to my account again, creating video playlists, and refreshing old posts that refer to some of my larger projects from over the years.

Editing Luke has really been an evolution, and I've noticed it more now than ever. I've never had so much of my footage as accessible as it is now, all in a single location, all referenced, and everyday a bit closer to having full stories posted about all the various individual productions. It's been a year and seven months in the making, and with that comes a certain strength in being able to talk about my creative growth with strangers and actually be able to share it with anyone who's interested in seeing it.

Below I've posted a collection of playlists that I recently updated/created over the weekend. Have a look and thanks for stopping by folks!

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Sudha said...

Woooow!!!! What an imagination. I watched the first one the piano you tube one really amazing and also I like ur theme of the blog very unique cheers :)