Jan 30, 2009

Day Dream Day (2008)

Late in the summer of 2008 I was anxious to make a new video and was feeling motivated by the fact that for the first time in years I didn't have to pack up and head off to university. More than anything, I wanted to create a personal piece about what I was feeling at that very moment, about how things suddenly seemed so wide open again after years of school had left me feeling stuck and uninspired.

By August I had saved a bit of money, my student debt was finally on the decline and I was comfortably settled back home. It had been 4 months since I left, and all in all it took about that long just to gain perspective on what I'd left behind and what exactly my new focus was going to be. In short, Day Dream Day was made to mark the end of a chapter.

Being in a nostalgic mood to start, I wrote a short poem to use as the structure for the project. The rooftop seemed like a good location to base my shoot around, not only because it felt symbolic in referencing my childhood neighbourhood, but because it was literally a place to have my head in the clouds. Throughout high school I remember climbing on the roof countless times during the summer just to be alone, and on occasion to catch the exhibition fireworks.

Day Dream Day, simply, is about the passing of time in pursuit of my own dreams/goals. I always get a little closer, and then naturally the dream gets bigger. I think we can all relate to this. Hence, the spacing in the title: day, dream, day instead of merely a 'daydream' day.

I've received many mixed reviews about how this short was concluded, despite general appreciation for the overall piece. I can't expect everyone to respond to the movie the same way I do, especially when it represents something quite personal. However, my choice for the conclusion was clear.

The poem/narration is about my continued focus on making movies, editing, and pursuing film as a career despite the risk and competition. To show this, in the conclusion of Day Dream Day I'm walking around on the roof, but here's the point - those walking clips are of me setting up my shots, moving the camera between takes, and putting the project together. After musing about creating new edits and projects, the conclusion is my attempt to show you - it's the candid footage between takes of me actually constructing Day Dream Day. It's done with the point of connecting the dream to the reality of what I want to do, and how I'm already doing it, how the very project you're watching serves my goal.

It's an otherwise clean cut little movie, about the summation of a not-so-clean cut journey through an education in filmmaking.

Day Dream Day (2008) Written and Directed by Luke Fandrich

Day Dream Day Poem:

Perched on the roof with the street at a glance,
An afternoon devoted to pondering chance.

The neighbourhood's silent, the possibility's there,
But you think to yourself, and you shift and you stare.

It's nice to be free, it's nice to be young,

Your potential, you reason, is so out strung.

You glance at the windows, the roofs, and ground,

It's a long way up, when the there's just pavement around.

The world is my oyster, the future my now,
So many questions, but most of them how.

I want to be seen, and I want to be heard,
But so high up, I think, there's only the birds.

So I'll get back to the ground, get my head from the clouds,
I'll shuffle and mingle, shake hands with the crowds.

I'll do what it takes, and I'll work the late hours,
I'll sacrifice some sleep, some meals, some showers.

I'm just another dreamer, another guy with some hope,
Just a man on a leash, tugged by someone elses rope.

But from here things look fine, with camera in hand,

I'll shoot what I'll see, I'll edit and I'll land.

All at once I won't do, cause I don't wanna fall,

I'll just ease myself back, while admiring it all.

But maybe not yet, not just for this minute,
I want to dream a bit more, and find myself lost in it.


Anonymous said...

interesting video and poem. watching your video actually made me want to make my own video. as it is, i'm only helping my friend produce his vision, his film. but it has never crossed my mind to make my own.

i guess, i can always give it a try.

hope you get to live your dream! good luck to us all!!!

Editing Luke said...

Alem, thanks for the very kind compliment. Good luck to you on your future productions!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Simply Brilliant. I loved your poem and it becomes all the more better with those rhymes.
Im truly amazed at the video and your creativity. You have it in you to make it big. Just the creative part itself is so amazing.
Its only when you understand your own life can you write about it and you should be proud that you have done that not many can say the same.
Great going.

Alex Chandler said...

That was a splendid video! When I read the title I didn't expect a poem. But it was well done... And I totally get that feeling just to want to make a video sometimes too, haha

It looks like you've been pretty successful with your dream, hope it takes you even further!