Oct 21, 2013

Around the Hat: Ghosting Images 2

After the popularity of my original ghosting images from my Around the Hat series, it was only a matter of time before I gave it another go. Using archival images from my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta as inspiration, I set out to photograph these locations in 2013 from the same vantage points as their archival counterparts. 

By ghosting archival images the history is immediately made more dramatic. Specific changes become easy to recognize with a ghosted image creating a bridge between substantial periods of time. It's a really unique way of looking at a place like Medicine Hat, especially because it's a perspective that's seldom explored in this city.

Third Street Downtown - 2013 merged with 1940s

This scene shows the width of the street before the crosswalk flowerbeds had been installed - notice the car and modern truck on the left. 

Assiniboia Inn - 2013 merged with 1950

Here we have the pre-renovation hotel buildings merged with the current Assiniboia. The interesting thing is that this scene spans the time just before the hotel and with it as an abandoned location now.

BMO Bank construction - 2013 merged with 1960s

This scene shows the construction of the new bank following the demolition of the original post office. You can see the original Bank of Montreal building (now gone) on the right.

Fifth Avenue Church construction - 2013 merged with 1912

I loved creating this ghosted image. Here we see the framework of the church merged with the grown in trees and complete structure just over a century later.

Pingles Book and Drug Interior - 2013 merged with 1940s

The vacant storefront is merged with the original Pingle's interior here. A drop ceiling now covers the original tin ceiling seen here.

St. John's Church - 2013 merged with 1915

This ghosted image shows the original entrance to St. John's that was covered during a mid-century renovation and expansion. The chimney on the left is also no longer there.

Hargrave Sissons Block - 2013 merged with 1905

The contrast of the traffic light with the horse and buggy emphasizes the span of time. Also, the unpainted brick in 1905 with the modern day stripped paint shows just how many layers there have been over the decades.

City buses outside Cypress Club - 2013 merged with 1960s

The vintage buses are pretty cool, but this scene is made even more memorable by the ghosted city hall in the background which is no longer there.

Bus Depot - 2013 merged with 1940s

Today this building is the Ming Court restaurant, but this ghosted image shows that this art deco design was originally for the city's bus depot.

Train Station - 2013 merged with 1910s

It has been decades since the train station has seen a crowd like this. Here we have a vintage postcard merged with the modern station. 

Dreamland Theatre - 2013 merged with 1910s

This unassuming building next to the modern parkade used to house one of Medicine Hat's movie theatres. Here we see the original facade merged with the modern one.

Granada Building - 2013 merged with 1960s

This building once featured a beautiful art deco facade. Here we see some of the new sidings merged with this vintage street scene.

Beveridge Block - 2013 merged with 1950s

Most notable in this ghosted image is the loss of the original Bank of Montreal building after the new bank was constructed. 

Third Street Downtown - 2013 merged with 1940s

Here we have a WW2 rally merged with the modern street. 

Medalta Potteries - 2013 merged with 1910s

This scene shows the current facades of Medalta merged with the factory while it was under construction.

Gaslight Plaza - 2013 merged with 1970s

Here we have the corner of Gaslight Plaza merged with the vintage Eatons sign that no longer hangs there.

Sixth Avenue Downtown - 2013 merged with 1920s

Here's a glimpse at how vibrant the downtown once was. Notice the storefront canopies on the left and the Dreamland Theatre on the right. 

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