Oct 23, 2013

Alexandra Junior High School

Constructed in 1909, Alexandra used to be Medicine Hat's major school in its early days. Today it's a middle school, and looks dramatically different than it did originally. In the 1970s the old school building was demolished after a fire significantly damaged the structure. A modern school took its place. The original stone block that used to sit above the front entrance of the original school has since been incorporated into a mural sign on the front lawn. Similarly, the original cornerstone was preserved and a new one was added to mark the 1972 addition / rebuild.

On a side note, this is where I went to middle school. Much like when I revisited Medicine Hat High School, I couldn't help but reminisce about my time spent here while wandering the campus again. Truth be told, I like middle school a lot more as a memory.

I recently found a vintage postcard from the original Alexandra School that was mailed in 1913. Have a look at this addition to my collection here

Alexandra School ca. 1912
Original stone block from the entrance of the old school building.

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