Dec 18, 2012

Vintage St. Patrick's Church Postcard

Not long ago I came across this vintage Medicine Hat postcard of St. Patrick's Church on eBay. I snapped it up for a couple dollars thinking it might provide further inspiration for my Around the Hat series. What I really liked about the postcard when I first saw it was that it was used and stamped. Kind of like with my coin collection, I actually enjoy a lot of memorabilia more knowing that people have used it or have a story connected to it. The history becomes tangible in that respect.    

This postcard was mailed from Medicine Hat to North Richfield, Utah in 1957 for 5 cents, however the image is likely older than that because the street isn't paved. The message on the back is from one pen pal to another, simply stating that a letter will be on the way shortly. It makes me a bit curious about who these people might have been, but I also just like the poetry of having this postcard mailed back to the Hat 55 years later.    

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