Dec 7, 2012

Imperial Bank of Canada

This building in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta was constructed in 1913 with the Imperial Bank on one side and F.C. Lowes & Co. on the other.  F.C. Lowes was a real estate, insurance, and financial agent, and despite neither company existing anymore, their names have remained carved in stone on their respective sides.  Coincidentally, the historic Canadian Bank of Commerce is just across the street from the Imperial Bank, and these national banks merged in 1961 to form the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (or CIBC).

Today the structure appears to be mostly vacant (I'm not sure about the suites), with rental signs in every window.  The matching arched doorway that used to be on the Imperial Bank side was replaced long ago with a store front.  It seems to be another case of a rather attractive structure falling victim to time and neglect.  The details are there, but I cringe to think about how much work the building may actually need.  That said, I'd love to see it restored or re-purposed and back in use.  They don't make buildings quite like this anymore.       

Imperial Bank ca. 1914

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