Dec 27, 2012

Our Christmas Story 2012

Once again the celebrations have come to a close for another year, but that wasn't until after our family had had three nights of Christmas gatherings in a row.  I had the family over to my place on the 23rd for games and food, we had our annual Christmas Eve get-together with our long time family friends, the Piea's, over at their place, and we were at my folk's place for Christmas morning, dinner, and later with the extended family for games and drinks that evening.  It was a lot of fun, really cheerful, and as exhausting as expected.  Christmas was a success!

This year it was exceptionally cold out, which made getting around more of a chore. Despite the weather though, the gatherings were fun, and everyone seemed to be in good in spirits.  It was our regular family traditions as usual, right up until my parents surprised us at the last minute and gave each of us siblings a new iPad.  These were some of my snapshots from the last few days.  It was a very heartwarming, meaningful, and memorable holiday season for us, and I couldn't be more thankful for the amazing family I have.  I hope everyone else's Christmas was just as special.  

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