Apr 5, 2011

University of Regina Campus Snapshots

As the summer of 2007 came to a close, I found myself nostalgic about all the time I'd spent at the University of Regina.  At the time I was wrapping up a few summer school courses, and was about to enter my final year of film school.  

I've always been keen on documenting things, but I had grown up a lot since my first time doing something like this. After seeing the University of Regina undergo some massive upgrades during my time there (including new twin tower residences, an athletics facility, and a lab building) I thought it would be worth while to capture the campus as it was before I left. To capture it so that I could compare it to the way I remembered it whenever I'd go back there.  

Here are a few of my snapshots from that summer in 2007.

For more, check out my campus photo collage.

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