Apr 28, 2011

1989 Buick Park Avenue Snapshots

From learning to drive, trips between home and university, and appearances in random film projects, I think I've made my appreciation for what was the Buick (and my very first car) completely clear.  I found this series of pictures that I shot in 2007 when I created my Buick 360 edit and had a bit of a nostalgia trip.  

My affinity for shooting detailed shots of some of my random experiences and prized possessions often seems a bit frivolous in the moment, but when those moments start seeming more like distant memories the pictures take on a life of their own.  It's been almost a year now since I retired the Buick for my Jaguar, but seeing these pictures again reminds me just how much I loved that old car and how many great memories are associated with it.    

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