Apr 3, 2011

Do You Like Luxury SNL Jaguar Skit

I was watching some old episodes of Saturday Night Live on Netflix when I came across this sketch.  It's bizarre and irreverent, and as an avid fan and owner of my very own Jaguar, I was tickled pink.  Admittedly, I'm quick to point out my car even when I notice it in the background of some obscure show on the BBC.  This was better. 


Angry Charlie said...

Im assuming if we made this movie u would play Will Ferrell and I would be Horatio Sanz - the fat woman at the end. Just saying. But if I saw this before you, there's no doubt refernce would have been made to you and your Jag-oo-wa.

Editing Luke said...

haha, it was almost too perfect when I saw it. I'll be sure to quote it the next time you visit. "would you care to go get a slurpee in the worlds finest luxury car - Jag-u-ar?"