Sep 20, 2010

Pacific Coast Highway California

After the California road trip last year I guess I was feeling a bit exhausted carrying my giant video camera around. As nice as it is, it's hardly travel sized. So after the thousands of miles traveled, this clip from the Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur is the only footage I shot on the entire trip - less than 2 minutes long. No worries though, I made up for all this with nearly 1500 photographs which will go towards a brand new photo book in the same style as last years. More to come on this.

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway itself is something that everyone should probably have on their bucket list. The winding roads hug the cliffs of the California coastline and take you from rocky beaches to expansive vistas from above. We were driving north from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and preferably if you were headed south you'd have a better view for more of the trip. Thankfully, there were plenty of places to stop, take pictures, and just enjoy the view.

While there won't be a huge onslaught of new road trip edits like there were last year, I am planning on doing a more elaborate edit with all of the 2009 footage very soon. Stay tuned for brief photo journals from the California road trip coming soon also! It's good to be back!

See two versions of the video below (with different song choices for each) and a video of my complete photo set from the PCH.


Angry Charlie said...

Looks really nice, Luke. It's in some ways a good thing you didn't document too much of this video wise. After last year you would have constasntly been thinking of shots, etc. I imagine. The pictures are quick and easy and travelling light is always nice - especially if you're trying to make this an actual vacation and get away from what is actually your job now. Nice edit!

Editing Luke said...

Thanks Tyler. Yes, being able to put my picture camera in my pocket was a nice way to actually just enjoy the locations without feeling like I needed to constantly be focused on shots. Plus, because I shot soooo much video last year it seems like there's still a lot I could do with that if I still wanted to.

The picture book is going to be really cool though, so it's not like I didn't document things. There is so many more photos than there were last year so it's already been a cool project to wrap my head around. Because I wasn't trying to do both, I was able to get more creative and detail oriented with my photos. I'll be sharing some soon.