Sep 2, 2010

So, California?

As seemingly random as the question was, in July I was half joking when I proposed the idea of returning to Indio, CA again. Last year Dave and I had a whirlwind week driving down to California and back and happened to enjoy it so much that it never really seemed out of the question that we could potentially go again. Did I expect to return a year later? No. But admittedly having a friend who was just as eager to expand on last years road trip made it easy to set things in motion.

This summer has seen some dramatic changes. While I've maintained both of the jobs I had last year, my responsibilities (or the expectations at least) have changed considerably. I spent much of the last three months working full time with contract work in addition to that. I'm amazed that a single year has allowed me to significantly transform professionally, gain financial independence, and upgrade on numerous fronts (place, car, etc.). The post-university daze that I spoke of last year in regard to the Indio trip is completely irrelevant now - If 2009 was about picking myself up, in 2010 I dusted myself off.

Returning to California now, and doing it with the same enthusiasm and energy as last year only proves that I'm still capable of doing what I really want to. I don't have to feel guilty about work, I don't have to worry about the money, and I can actually let my mind rest as I'm taking this temporary detour. I was always afraid when I saw university coming to a close that it would mean the end to my actual independence. The truth is, I don't think we ever lose that, but a lot of people are just willing to surrender it too easily.

When you're looking for a series of experiences, and not just a holiday, it's like banking on the fact that the memories you create will pay dividends years and years down the road. Right now that road ahead looks pretty good . . . so, California?

Here's a summary of the footage I shot last year.

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