Sep 27, 2010

North Shore Yacht Club: Before & After

For those who have been interested in my Salton Sea posts I thought I'd share a couple of images that I shot of the North Shore Yacht Club. The before image is from August 2009 and the after image is from September 2010. You can see just how much work had to be done, and how much has changed in a relatively short time. You can check out the original promotional video below to see what this place once was.

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Anonymous said...

very cool.i too have grown to love this coming from "the great northwet"(northwest) any place dry is cool to me.i was there in dec.2008 when they tore down the hotel.this is no BS.i found some old postcards at one of the date stores.some of the north shore hotel in its better i was getting pieces of fire wood after the wrecking crew had gone home.anyway i sliped a postcard in the giant backhoes drivers seat. hope the operator liked it. sad,but things change.c ya,Todd