Aug 12, 2009

Portfolio Previews (2009)

While the first half of 2009 proved to be a slow one for my personal productions, there was a lot going on behind the scenes to improve what I'd already created. Editing Luke, for instance, underwent a lot of revision. The majority of Videography posts have been updated or established to include the story, photos or posters, the movie, previews, and back links to relating posts to provide succinct and official entries for some of my larger projects. While it's meant fewer new videos, overall it improves the efficiency and purpose of this online journal.

This brings me to the portfolio and blog previews that I created earlier this year to highlight my work.

My portfolio preview was created as an intro to my production DVD to show to potential employers and festivals. The video highlights some of my festival credits and notable projects from recent years. It's undergone several modifications to include more audio highlights and to display a larger range of edits. There's really not much else to say about it as the preview essentially does all the bragging itself.

Portfolio Preview Luke Fandrich (January 2009)

It is worth noting that my approach is undeniably individual though. While some filmmakers may have grand projects to tout, I instead have a range of personal accolades that reflect my individual drive and creative branding. I've expressed my viewpoint by approaching animation, avant-garde, travelogs, music videos, and narrative in a way that reflects my personal growth as a movie maker. I think by making myself the focus, I'm standing on my achievements instead of putting them above me. 

My blog preview (mixed with two different audio tracks) was an edit created to highlight 2 years of Editing Luke. They're a mix of promotion and pride for all that's been accomplished so far thanks to all the viewers and readers who have helped shape this experience for me. In a professional sense, I think these edits have also featured my blog as an up and coming space to check out. While reflecting on the amount of work that's already been made, I think my blog previews are most successful at suggesting that my personal motivation and creative passion are only becoming more refined and focused.
It's obvious that these previews and personal reels are going to evolve and grow as this experience changes. In just a single year there's always so many new points of interest. As proof you can view the first preview I ever made, I'm Luke I'm Fandrix from 2008. There's still a lot to work towards, and with any luck it's only up from here. 

2 Years of Editing Luke - MIX A (May 2009)
2 Years of Editing Luke - MIX B (May 2009) Edits and footage by Luke Fandrich.

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