Aug 31, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

After a week of traveling thousands of miles on the open road to California, getting back to the office seems so painfully ordinary. In just one week my friend Dave and I drove to California and back again, spending 3 nights in Indio, California at his parents' vacation house. With a long list of things to see, Dave and I explored Salt Lake City, had a night in Vegas, explored the middle of the desert and the hidden treasures of the Salton Sea, made the trek out to Newport Beach and the ocean, and took a ride up a mountain in Palm Springs - just to name a few of the highlights.

Like I said many times before, this trip was meaningful in that it wasn't meant to be just a vacation or an excuse to relax, it was also meant to create experiences. It was an escape from routine, from post-university transitioning and the everyday. Seeing the landscape change from prairie to mountains to canyons and desert was amazing. My previous Vegas and California trips were all linked in a matter of hours. With my cameras at my side, I shot as much as I felt was necessary. This latest project titled, Indio Outio, inspired by the location and the speed of our visit, is going to be a fun project to edit.

Below I've posted the short preview I cut together using two different audio tracks. My Vimeo account features the original video, and because of copyright issues, my YouTube account features the second version. For now, I'll leave the story here. There's a lot to say and a lot to show.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I know what you mean about the mundanity/contrast of being back in the regular feels very weird to be back now. Video looks like it'll be cool, but is this seriously our Indio footage man? The big trip is seriously already over?

Editing Luke said...

I know Dave, it feels like it went by so quick. It's like I said about getting back and taking stock of all we did - I'm amazed about everything we actually saw, and the fact that I'm back at the computer looking over the footage makes it seem so surreal . . . especially because we came back so quickly driving, actually seeing the distance we covered.

If anything, I think I'm only sad because I realize that I could have kept exploring for a few more weeks before needing the break of being at home.

In any case, it is going to be an awesome video.