Jul 28, 2009

Playing It By Ear

I can't believe it's the end of July. In some ways it still feels early in relation to the projects I made last year because many of them didn't really take off until the fall. Still, things are changing quickly, and much like my approach to my projects changed with the debut of Editing Luke, I think I may be on the cusp of my next re-invention.

While I don't see myself curbing my artistic whims to upload random shorts, I am feeling more pressured with my time to produce different content. I can see myself creating original edits or montage videos with more found footage to specifically focus on my skill as an editor. The personal side of this blog will always remain fundamental to me wanting to do it, but as a portfolio, there are more previews I'd like to work on to attract actual opportunities - or like I've already done, to continue using this blog as an accessory to my resume.

I find it funny how on some days I look at my progress and feel like I've done so much, come so far, etc. and other days the weight of my goals seem to daunting to even pursue. In part, I think this feeling is also a mix of realizing that a lot of people just don't care. I mean this generally. Regardless of what I do today or tomorrow, whether I make a video you like or don't, whether I update or not, we've all got our own lives to live - if I can hold your attention for a minute that means something to me though - it's certainly a big part of the equation anyway.

I'm playing it by ear. I don't have a lot of new things to say at the moment, but somewhere between my daily grind that passion that will fuel my next leap - my big move to the big city - I want to think things are going to be okay. I want to know that I've inspired someone in the way that so many have inspired me.

For now, it's back to the drawing board.


Angry Charlie said...

I find it funny in an ironic way to be the first to comment on this. Not because it's me commenting, but because this post was about you feeling, "that a lot of people just don't care". And what do you get back from everyone? ....... It's not that people don't care either. People do. You're blog is no doubt a daily check up spot for people including myself. They turn on their comp, log in, and Editing Luke is amongst the 4 or 5 sites they may stop at for the day. Like you said, someone's attention for even a moment means something. And I agree. Keep it up man. Even if you change nothing on this blog, it's still better then any one I've seen out there. Including my own. I look forward to seeing where this takes you through the years. This is not just your blog anymore, this is every single fan of your's blog now. And it means something to every single one of us that you're still going. Editing is about constant change and evolution, whether it be editing films or Editing Luke. Again, keep it up, for all of us. :-)

Editing Luke said...

I appreciate the comment Tyler, and I am surprised how many people do bother to check in on this blog. More often it's just that I don't realize it when the feedback isn't coming in. A few kind words do go a long way though, so thanks for that.

Like myself, this blog is a continual work in progress in competition with dedicated film sites and review blogs - I'm similar but not entirely any of those - I need an independent filmmaker/artist category for my blog. That's probably why people either really like what I do or it's not what they're looking for.