Jul 31, 2009

Evolution of Editing Luke (2007-2009)

The significance of graphic design in relation to Editing Luke has been undeniable. As a way to stay current and as an excuse to play on photoshop more often, this blog has seen some dramatic changes in the last two years. It's certainly been good practice for my design skills (which have continued to improve month after month).

With my video work and musings remaining the focus, I've tried my hardest to use imagery as a net to get people to stop and have a look. Anyone familiar with my style will attest to my love of bold colour, strong graphics, and a sense of organization that is best described as structured-chaos (I decked every dorm I ever had in floor to ceiling posters creating some intense wallpaper). To say the least, as a filmmaker and editor, I'm a visual guy.

From my latest blog header to some of my earliest, below I've posted a sampling of how Editing Luke has changed and become even more polished. In 2006 I took a picture of a series of old downtown rooftops in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta. As the first header of Editing Luke, that rooftop and elements of that photo have remained central to my theme. It's obvious the evolution won't stop here, but for now, enjoy part one of this visual recap.


wormc.com said...

a lot of changes! more than 6 a year; i'm all too familiar with that. lol. nonetheless, all very great banners!

Alex Chandler said...

This is awesome! It's very interesting to see each change you made to your banner, they all are fantastic, each better than the next. Great work! I've always enjoyed your banners, cause the graphics are non stop interest.
Your dorm wall did look pretty awesome! Haha, I remember seeing a photo of you on your bed and the insanely awesome wallpaper. It actually blew my mind the first time I saw it xD