Jul 12, 2009

Expialidocious by POGO

I think it's funny that this is the second time I've posted a remix video that someone has cut from Disney's Mary Poppins. The first was Scary Mary, the footage cut into a convincing horror movie trailer. This one is perhaps even more brilliant. From what little I know about POGO (or Nick Bertke on YouTube) he seems to get a kick out of remixing popular video content. He has a mix from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one from Alice in Wonderland, and there's several others. This one, Expialidocious is by far his most inspired and catchy work in my opinion. I had to go out of my way to find a ripped mp3 so that I could put it on my iPod. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Expialidocious by POGO


Unknown said...

The video is well mixed to the beat but I can't make out what the little girl is meant to be saying all I can make out is the line "never gives" and "sing songs". the "Scary Mary" video was the best for making sense.

Editing Luke said...

That's the point, the basis of the song came from taking her voice and cutting the tones together to make an original tune. In the actual scene of the movie she's singing for her parents. It's not about what she's saying, it's about how these 'found' elements were combined and mixed to great something fresh and upbeat. The combination of the editing with the music after the fact is just an added bonus.

Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

Very well done! I like that video a lot!

Rob said...

It is very catchy. Just dropping in from EC and this caught my attention. I never would have conceived of mixing in dialog like "six...oh... two" into the song (along with other other sound bizarre clips) but it works in a really strange way.

It would help if you could understand what the girl was saying, but all the same, that adds to the strangeness of this that makes it so interesting.

Editing Luke said...

I hear her saying:
"never gives, and then ugh never be, this sings songs us, sings this"

Dear AL said...

Now that's some serious mixing!

Makes me want to finish a video I've been toying around with the last few days.