Apr 20, 2009

I Need Your Vote: Round 2

The Top 30 films in the Yobi.tv Filmmaking Contest have become the Top 25, and my short the Gizmo Tree is still in the running! The second round has begun!

I still need your vote to continue though, and you only need to vote once for the entire weekly round. Voting is fast, simple, and can make a world of difference for myself, my short, and my portfolio. The grand prize for YobiFilm is over $10,000!

To cast a vote:
1. Visit
Yobi.tv and use your email address to join the site.
2. Once logged in, simply visit my
Gizmo Tree semi-finalist page.
3. Click the THUMBS UP under my movie. That's it!

If you have yet to vote, please take a couple minutes to check out my short and decide for yourself if it's worth your Thumbs Up. I've never been a part of a contest that required less commitment or time from viewers and still delivered such a great reward. You can win prizes as well just for joining the site and voting!

If you'd like to help me further, please consider forwarding this message or my promotional clip that I made for this contest to family, friends, or anyone else you think may be interested. The promo clip can be viewed below.

Thank you all for your time and effort! Cast a vote, and hopefully I'll have more good news next monday at the start of Round 3! Have a great week!

-Luke Fandrich

To recap Round 1 of the contest, click here.


Unknown said...

I voted! It really is a good film.

Editing Luke said...

reojames - thanks!

maichel said...

I voted! It really is a very nice film.
i love it

Editing Luke said...

thank you maichel!

Erelas RyAlcar said...

Good luck, I think I felt all of that.