Apr 3, 2009

The Lucky Penny

April 2005 / November 2008

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It had been just a couple weeks since turning 21 in April 2005, that on a whim I ended up going to Las Vegas for the first time. We stayed at Circus Circus, one of the cheapest big hotels on the strip, and it was there that I found a penny squishing machine with a variety of 'lucky' pennies. The one above is obviously what I chose, and I used it continually throughout that trip. Holding it at the roulette tables, at the slots, wherever we went I had it on me - and low and behold, it actually seemed to work!

It proved its value again in 2008 when I went back, this time with a bit more money. I put the penny safely in my wallet, and although I didn't show it off as much as I did the first time, it seemed to be working quietly in the background. I didn't have to withdraw any more money than what I came with, and I had a few streaks over the vacation. Was it the penny? Who knows. It feels good to win regardless, and a good luck charm certainly didn't hurt anything.

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