Apr 11, 2009

Blog Traffic Sites I Use

Generally speaking, I'm not really the kind of guy who goes around touting web tools or resources, but seeing as my blog is as much about promotion as it is my work I thought it might be nice to share the handful of sites that I use to help get a bit more attention.

BlogExplosion - A site I've used for nearly 2 years now, it's been a great way of meeting and interacting with a variety of bloggers from around the world. It works on a 2:1 credit ratio, for every 2 sites you visit you earn 1 credit. You can use your credits in exchange for visits to your blog, for blog battles/competitions, or on the blog rocket. To say the least, it's the blogging site I've benefited most from since starting Editing Luke.

EasyHits4U - A site I'm fairly new to, but one that I saw immediate results from. Like BlogExplosion, EasyHits4U works on a credit system. The ratio is 1:1, for every blog you visit you earn a credit which means you can acquire more traffic faster than on BE. The big difference is that EasyHits4U isn't limited to blogs, so there's actually a lot of variety . . . but also a lot of ad sites. The real upside is that you can use this resource to promote multiple sites - your blog, a YouTube page, a flickr photo page, etc. all through the same account using the same credits. So in that respect, you can focus your traffic more directly by selecting a specific page on your blog or any of your other sites that you'd like people to visit - and more unique hits are more potential readers/viewers, right?

Entrecard - Since Christmas I've used this resource, based on 'dropping' your card on other blogs to earn credits to buy ads or services. With the new market on Entrecard you can now use your credits to purchase blog reviews, comments, etc. on top of buying ads on other blogs. It's been an effective way to get feedback on certain things when it's not happening as often as you'd like. While the dropping is time consuming, the Entrecard market has made this site relevant to me again.

So those are my big three. The goal has always been to spend more time on my own site than any of these other ones, but at the same time, a little effort on different traffic-based sites has allowed me to see steady growth in viewership and interest. It's not a perfect system, but there have been a lot of noticeable results. Happy blogging!


Intelligence said...

I've just signed up for all three since I'm semi-new to blogging I just came across yours on blog explosion actually!

Anonymous said...

I too recently started blogging, and so far am on blog explosion. Will definitely try the recommendeds.. Thank you :)