Dec 8, 2008

Film Contest - Your Vote Counts!

Sorry for this long message, but please stick with me readers.

One year ago some of you may remember that I made two short films, The Gizmo Tree and Give it Time for an online competition. Just recently I was contacted about a new online venue for competiting short films and I thought it sounded like a great way to revive these projects and further promote myself.

The site is called and among a variety of categories, it has a lengthy competition for filmmaking in which various shorts compete each week to determine a weekly semi-finalist. After 30 weeks the semi-finalists from each week compete to win money that the site determines based on participation in voting and uploading. So far the total has grown to over $15,000 and the grand prize winner would receive half of that.

To be honest, the finale seems like a little ways off at the moment, but based on the fact that this site seems relatively new my chances of winning as a weekly semi-finalist at this stage seem quite good - but I need your help to actually make this happen.

Voting is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

1. Create an account using your email address by signing up on the site . The process is simple and instant.

2. Once logged in you ONLY NEED TO VOTE ONE TIME for each of my movies in this weeks competition. Voting is simply a matter of clicking Thumbs UP or Thumbs DOWN underneath the video. Obviously thumbs UP is what I'm looking for :)

3. Vote for each of my films by clicking on the links below after you've logged in:

The Gizmo Tree

Give it Time


This is a global contest and although I have several new short films on the back burner, using these already previewed videos here seemed like a good way to test the water. If the potential of this site and contest are fully realized it could be an amazing new venue for sharing work and getting my name out there, and worth creating a specific new short film for.

I know it can be tiresome having to participate in these voting contests, but know that I really appreciate the time and effort you take to show your support for me. If these two short films, Gizmo Tree and Give it Time have proved anything, it's that a couple minutes of your time can have a huge impact on my work and allow me to achieve things that I couldn't possibly alone.

For those who weren't aware - Gizmo Tree won 2nd place in a provincial competition in January this year and Give it Time was nominated for Best Short Film at the Youngcuts international festival in Montreal this summer.

Please take a moment to check my videos out, I'd really appreciate it. If you have any other questions or comments - that's what facebook, email, and the comments section is for!

Thank you for your time and help folks!



Dwacon said...

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you take requests for short films, but I'd be interested in seeing you create a short that is completely devoid of sound (or, at least, completely explicable without it). I ask because I do a lot of my web browsing at work, and we don't have any speakers on our computers because they're not "necessary" for our jobs. (Bastards.) Anyway, it'd be great to be able to see one of your short films and not have to remind myself to go home and watch it again with the sound on since I couldn't hear anything at the office. Just a thought!

Editing Luke said...

Dwacon - Thanks!

HawaiianPun - I like the challenge, and you had me thinking about how different some of my shorts would be without sound.

Although, in particular, one short a made back in 2005 called Silent Shoppers is actually a modern silent film. That one you can actually get by without the audio because the dialogue is written. You can view that under My Selected Videography.

I like the idea of a project that has no audio at all though. We'll see what happens. Thanks for the comment.