Dec 20, 2008

Chico Bandito: Episode 1

Chico Bandito originally debuted on June 3, 2008 as an individual short film. The idea for the series actually came about weeks later when I was messaged by several members of my Fandrix Films group who enjoyed the short and said they'd like to see more. 

I'd actually considered the idea since finding Chico because he was an original hand-made character that you wouldn't find just anywhere, but it was those conversations that really convinced me to make the series.

Episode 1, as it's now known, is basically an open-ended premise detailing the laundry room and the wall that Chico has been hanging from for so long. The concept was pretty much established for me, as Chico Bandito has been hanging on that exact wall since I was a kid. My dad brought him back from a vacation in Mexico in the eighties, and the seller gave him the name Chico Bandito. Who would've guessed that so many years later I'd be making movies about Chico and his escape. I guess if he could really think or move on his own, he would've done this much sooner.

Without further delay, Chico Bandito: Episode 1 starts now!


Anonymous said...

Hey Luke. I just wanted to come by and tell you that as a movie lover I LOVE your site! It's always interesting and I love the backgrounds.

I left you an award over at my site. Please just go to the top and click on the awards tab.

Anonymous said...

Every Video that I watch of yours make me more and more intrigued about your signature style. The backgrounds on this video are very catchy compared to the others.
One thing Id like to know is how long did it take to complete this project and where have you shown it?
Ya before I forget i also love the colours both of the video and on your blog
Keep up the good work Luke.

Anonymous said...

That's very much nice and funny,especially when he slips and got his head bumped onto the wall...very much humorous and witty :)