Jul 28, 2008

Space Drama! (2008)

Last Christmas, as part of a gag gift, I received a cheesy sci-fi flick from the 1950's. It was one of those movies that you find on an end cap at Walmart for 1.99. It doesn't even come with a case, just a cardboard sleeve, but I remember when I opened it I said 'Maybe someday I'll make a found footage film with this'.

So in the mood to edit last night, I captured the DVD directly from the DVD player onto my camera, which is a nice feature considering your mainstream DVD would be copy-protected. I put the footage on my computer and I started playing.

Before I knew it 5 hours had passed and by re-organizing the footage, recording some narration, and adding some sound effects, I had come up with something original from something found. An edit that was actually pretty fun to boot!

The last found footage film I made, The Other Time Machine, was for an experimental film class in 2006. Just like when I made that one, I found this edit to be so much fun because I was creating my own story and concept while using footage that I wouldn't be able to shoot myself. Space Drama! as I call this one, is a spin on the TV movie trailers and recaps from the 50's where the narrator talks you through the plot. I think it turned out fairly well, and to let you in on how much I changed things, the people I made bad guys were actually good guys, the real bad guys don't appear in my version, I faked the relationships, and didn't get into the real conflict of two planets at odds with each other, and their impending destruction because of a rogue queen.

Yeah, it's some crazy stuff! I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that because I had so much fun this time, that I'll probably go find some 'new' old movies and shows to edit into some more quirky videos. Now ladies and gentlemen, enjoy some Space Drama!


Here's the actual film called Crash of Moons (1954).

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Strong Moderate said...

Usually I find film re-mix edits to be either done terribly production-wise or just don't make any damn sense... that being said I really enjoyed this! Both the voice-over and choice of scenes made for a pretty funny video. I will even admit to a few 'colz' (or chuckle-out-louds) Keep up the good work!