Jul 19, 2008

Give it Time @ Youngcuts!

I just wanted to pass on some great news that I received today. A couple months ago I submitted my short film Give it Time to the Youngcuts Festival. You may remember that Give it Time was a short I originally made for the Sasktel Video Competition in November of last year.

In the Sasktel competition I put all my efforts into promoting my film the Gizmo Tree, which turned out to be the right thing to do as it won 2nd place. However, I was left feeling like my other entry, Give it Time, despite being in the Top 10 of that contest also, hadn't reached its potential.

Today I received the email saying that Give it Time has been accepted to the 2008 Youngcuts International Festival taking place in Montreal, QC next month. It's an accomplishment I feel excellent about as I've submitted to the festival over the last 4 years, and have only had Keys to Existence be accepted at the 2005 festival in Toronto.

Give it Time is now one of the Top 100 films out of (what they said was) nearly 1000 submissions. It really makes no difference to me if it wins in its 'Best Short Film' category, as i'm just so thrilled that it'll be playing to such a large and diverse crowd.

You can check out Give it Time below:

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